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Hot Water Heaters

Cold Frog provides high quality yet efficient hot water heater solutions that put us head and shoulders above the competition. Hot water heaters have become an indispensable part of our lives, especially during the long cold Alberta winters. Doing daily chores with just cold water can make normal tasks unpleasant. Hot water heaters solve this problem quite easily by giving warm water at a temperature desired by the user. However, during their lifetime, hot water heaters may develop various faults due to a myriad of reasons and delaying its repair might not be good for the overall health of your family and your home.

We, at Cold Frog, provide the best installation and repair services for hot water heaters in regions around Calgary and Alberta so that you can continue with your daily schedule without any hassle.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heating system heats the water on the go whenever you need it, instead of continuously heating it in a tank. Not only can tankless heaters help you save a considerable amount of money annually on your power bills, they also tend to last at least 5 to 10 years longer than traditional tank heating systems.

Tankless water heating systems occupy very little space and provide an efficient supply of hot water for household purposes. Contact us today to find out more about the variety of tankless water heating products and services we offer.

Solutions-oriented contracting

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Like everything else, plumbing pipes also age and degrade with time. A worm out pipe can cause numerous problems which can ultimately reduce the efficiency of your entire plumbing. In order to mitigate these problems, Cold Frog highly recommends its high quality repiping services, both in Calgary and all across Alberta.

Backwater Valve Installation:

Backwater valves are an important component of every plumbing system, regardless of whether it’s a home or a commercial complex. At Coldfrog Plumbing and Heating, we provide the best services when it comes to backwater valve installation in Calgary.

Our high quality backwater valves help to prevent sewer waste from overflowing and backing-up into the home through floor drains. This ultimately helps to eliminate back-flow which in turn can lead to flooding in the basement.

Sump Pumps

We cannot rely on temporary solutions, what we need is to look for a way to totally eliminate this hassle because no one can afford spending each morning on your basement sweeping and pumping out flood waters nor stand the whole day watching over your drainage. The stress that it will bring you is the biggest part of it.

Our 5 star rated technicians will handle all types of residential and commercial plumbing and sewer services. From simple leak repairs to complex plumbing installations of sump pump system, backup pumps, repair and maintenance, we have been providing reliable service for many years and provide some of the best warranties and superior service in the industry.

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Whether you have a emergency plumbing, leaking pipes or burst pipes – our plumbers can help you with all of these issues

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Furnace Service

Furnace have become a vital part of our lives, especially during the harsh cold Alberta winters. Stay warm at the comfort of your home by fixing and preventing furnace problems – quickly, efficiently and for the long term. Having your furnace serviced regularly prevents the same problems recurring with your furnace system next winter season. Having a good furnace also helps controlling your energy bills.

We, at Cold Frog, provide the best installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services for your furnace or heating systems in regions around Calgary and Alberta so that you can enjoy and continue with your daily schedule without any hassle.


Cold Frog is the right place for your home renovation plumbing needs. We know your home is as diverse as you are and that kitchens and bathrooms have their own distinct plumbing needs. They require an internal plumbing system with both a high level of functionality and great aesthetics – framing a new plumbing system in an already build home can be quite complex.

Home renovations are a great time to upgrade your plumbing system. That’s where Cold Frog Plumbing and Heating come in! With their excellent workmanship, innovative solutions and latest techniques, our plumbers deliver comprehensive plumbing solutions across Calgary and the surrounding areas.

While planning for home renovation, both design and internal layout must be taken into consideration. Our plumbers will stick to your budget and create a solid and reliable design of the whole plumbing system. The technicians at Cold Frog are qualified gas fitters and water plumbers who can give you valuable advice on the various home plumbing solutions available to you.

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