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Garage Heaters by Cold Frog carries reliable, high-efficiency and top-selling unit heaters for shops and garage heating systems. From product sales and installation, service & repair and maintenance – let us help you choose the right heating solution.

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Cold Frog is pleased to offer some of the most innovative, reliable, energy efficient and versatile garage heating systems from Modine’s Hot Dawg® and REZNOR®. Our expert home comfort advisors can outline all of your options and help you choose the solution that suits your heating needs and budget.

  • Tested and proven
  • Saves money
  • Quiet operation
  • Components engineered for quality
  • Reliable space heating
  • Lasting performance
  • Best product warranties
  • Approved for residential, commercial and industrial use by the CSA

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Brands We Carry
We have taken the time to search manufacturers’ literature and compare the units based on our years of HVAC service industry experience.

Hot Dawg® Unit Heater

Modine’s Hot Dawg is widely recognized as the industry’s most popular residentially-certified gas-fired unit heater, with six sizes available from 30,000 – 125,000 BTUs. It is an ideal solution for residential garages and workshops, along with light commercial or industrial applications.

Hush-puppy quiet operation
Right or left hand controls available on 30-75 units by rotating unit 180 degrees
Operates with natural or propane gas
Power vented model simplifies side-wall or roof venting with small-diameter vent pipe
Finger-proof fan guards on all units
Permanently lubricated motor
Lightweight and comes in standard grey/green or optional black Special Edition


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REZNOR® Unit Heater

Reznor’s gas-fired unit heaters are available in 14 sizes ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTUH gas input. Power vented, high static, centrifugal fan are designed for 82-83% thermal efficiency and are approved for commercial, industrial and residential utility use in Canada by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

82-83% Thermal efficient
45-75°F Rise range – Sizes 30-350 50-80°F Rise range – Size 400
TCORE2® titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger
Patented single burner combustion system
Best in Class, compact, aesthetically pleasing
Versatile and dependable
Technologically Advanced Heat Exchanger with consistent quality


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Product Reviews
Below are some comments of hundreds of satisfied customers who trusted Modine’s Hot Dawg® and REZNOR® with their unique needs.
We thought you would like to hear them!.

Modine's hot dawg - Great heater!

We’ve had this a couple of years now. It’s great when the temperature is freezing out and you want to work in the garage. Or, if you want to warm up your car a little, only done that a couple of times with sub-zero temperatures.

- Amber

Reznor, I love it !

Very nice, well built,looks good, works great! a+++. When first got thought fan looked small compared to other units, but worked very well & more quiet then thought. Nice product!

- Tim M.

Happy with my hot dawg

Works like a champ. Heats my shop in about 13 minutes and cycles with t-stat to keep temperature.

- Santellano

Great heater for years. No problems at all

Has worked great for many years with zero problems. I installed this into a garage and it really works great, heats the garage quickly and is very efficient on fuel. Bought it from and had it installed by a long time professional heating contractor who has installed lots of these and says they never have a problem if installed correctly. You really need to have someone who understands how these heaters work and can install them correctly.

- Rob

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